Grosvenor House Hotel, London


Marks Heeley have been involved at London’s Grosvenor House Hotel for over 30 years, providing structural expertise on matters small and large.

Recent works have included the support of 100 tons of plant and services on the roof as part of an £11m infrastructure upgrade; and the refurbishment of the Great Room, including the provision of new escape stairs to increase the banqueting capacity, and the installation of safe access within the 2,000m² of 1930’s ceiling following weeks of exhaustive and claustrophobic surveying.

Like many buildings of its period, Grosvenor House has suffered corrosion of its steel frame within the perimeter brickwork. Following our comprehensive
survey, and a repair contract administered by us in 1990, an extension of that work to cover the whole building was taken to tender stage by MH, but shelved pending sale negotiation. It now forms part of a £76m refurbishment programme, the first element of which is currently in progress.

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