Devonshire House, London

The major external refurbishment of one of the most prestigious addresses in London is nearing completion.

With over 50 metres of frontage on Piccadilly, and housing two entrances to Green Park tube station, the contract has provided plenty of challenges, especially when coupled with the need to minimise disruption to tenants paying some of the highest rents in London.

Years of dirt and grime have been carefully lifted from the Portland stone fa├žades using the DOFF system of superheated water under pressure. After a comprehensive survey, damaged and defective areas were then repaired using Remmers restoration mortar, colour-matched to the existing stone. Cracks within the stonework cladding the steel-framed building have been stabilised using a resin based grout to encapsulate and protect the steel from future corrosion.

Other works include: restoration of the lead capping’s, full overhaul of 9th floor windows, redecoration of the timber window frames, installation of a bird deterrent system and removal, and replacement of the asphalt roof coverings.

All of these works have been carried out from a system of powered access cradles suspended from the roof.

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